Rayon Blend Yarn

Although normally thought to be a synthetic fiber, rayon is actually a natural fiber derivative of wood pulp. Rayon like cotton is a cellulose fiber, meaning that its cell structure is hollow. The hollow cell structure is the reason for the absorbent properties of this fiber. The processing of the wood pulp purifies the fiber and removes natural protective oils allowing the cells to quickly absorb liquid without the break-in requirement associated with cotton fibers. The absorbent properties make rayon blend yarns ideal for wet mopping however they reach saturation levels quickly therefore they do not offer the same wipe dry performance like cotton blends. Rayon blend yarns are bright and clean because they do not contain plant residue visible in cotton blend yarns. Although rayon blend yarns launder well, special attention should be given to water and drying temperature, as excessive temperatures can result in yarn shrinkage and reduce product life. The 700004 series yarn is available in white, blue, green and orange. The shading of these yarns is achieved by blending in color fast solution dyed recycled PET. The yarns are branded as enviro-colorâ„¢ yarns .

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